Makeup Brush Cleaners

Makeup Brush Cleaners

For many women, having makeup brushes as part of their beauty routine is imperative. Having the right type of brush for each application as well as having a confidence-boosting set of professional brushes simply makes makeup application easier and more seamless. However, makeup brushes can be quite an investment and having to replace them too often can be costly. With makeup brush cleaners, you can help elongate the life of your makeup brushes, allowing you to use them again and again.

Electric Cleaners

The most thorough of all cleaners is an electric cleaner. This type of cleaner comes as a console with tools and accessories to help you clean, wash and dry each brush. These electric cleaners typically use a special hypoallergenic soap to clean the brushes then it dries the brushes automatically for you so your brushes don’t sit for hours, becoming musty. An electric cleaner should come with all of the tools and accessories you need to clean everything from an eyeshadow sponge to a blush brush.

Colour Removers

Sometimes, a brush doesn’t need a good cleaning, it just simply needs the colour removed from it. If you regularly use eye shadow palettes with different colour combinations, you don’t want leftover dark eyeshadow still on your brush the day you want to use light eyeshadow. These colour removers are either creams or powders and you need to immerse your brush to completely remove the colour.

Liquid Cleaners

The most economical way to clean makeup brushes is to use a liquid cleaner. In this case, you would use the liquid cleaner to wash the brushes with water, rinse the brushes completely and dry them yourself. This one type of cleaner should be able to handle all of your makeup brushes from lip brushes to liquid eyeliner brushes.

Dry Tools

Similarly to a colour remover, a dry tool allows you to remove excess powder or colour from a brush. You can wrap this type of tool around your arm or affix it to a counter, and its sharp, bristly edges rub off excess powder and shadow. This doesn’t actually clean the brush, but it does prep it for your next use.