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Does your dresser look too clumsy? Cannot find where you put your lipstick the last time you used it? All you need is a make-up brush holder and maybe a makeup bag or case, and messy becomes organised.

Make Up Brush Holders

These make-up brush holders are for everybody, whether you are trying to stay organized at home or you’re a stylist who need all the right make up accessories close at hand.

Imagine you are the expert make-up stylist at a grand event. It’s a busy day, and you arrive late, guilty and apologizing profusely, only to find that you just have the powder, contouring, and foundation brushes, but you have left a bunch of smaller brushes at home.

You may be a professional stylist or a budding amateur artist at home but losing or misplacing make up brushes is never fun. One size fits all, so you can keep things together the easy way.


A cup, pouch, zipper bag or organiser can help you organize your collection of brushes the easy way. There is the classic Chanel cosmetic box set, a drawstring purse with compartments to hold your brushes, or a brush stand to keep things together. There are so many different styles, prints, designs, and variety that you are sure to find something for the artist in you. There is something for everyone with these luxurious organisers and affordable cups to store your precious brushes.

If you travel all the time, check out the compact, portable styles which fit in your bag and take up less space, but still accommodate all your brushes. If you work in a salon or have a makeup table at home, maybe look at the organising cups or stands, which make brushes easily distinguishable which cuts down your search time.

Shop the wide variety available on eBay to declutter your makeup and destress your life.