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The Makeup Mirror Perfect for You

As every woman knows, the makeup mirror is an essential part of morning routines, quick touchups, and total glam sessions. Choosing the right one for you is all about where you find yourself most commonly applying your makeup. Each type of makeup mirror will give you a different benefit depending on your makeup routine.

The compact mirror

You'll find the compact mirror attached to pressed powder, making touch-ups a breeze. While you don't need to keep your entire makeup set in your purse, the compact mirror for makeup is a handbag-essential. Patting away that inevitable shine during the day will have you feeling more confident and ready to put your best face forward.

The handheld mirror

The handheld makeup mirror is for the girl on the go. Do you fulfill your morning makeup routine in a cab, on the train, or do you find yourself touching up several times during the day? Purchasing a handheld mirror means being able to apply your makeup anywhere and everywhere, whether it's in your own home or running from A to B.

The standing mirror

If your makeup routine s

tays in your home, but moves from room to room, a standing mirror is the one for you. It keeps your hands free and adds to your makeup room aesthetic, but is able to be moved if you're multitasking in front of the TV or getting ready in a different room.

The wall-mounted mirror

Sometimes our morning routines are sacred. If you have a strict morning routine and are always applying your makeup in the same place, a wall-mounted mirror might be the perfect addition to your space. Unlike a compact or handheld mirror, this makeup mirror will keep your hands free for application. To make it even better, many wall-mounted mirrors come with a built-in light, allowing you to see your skin clearly and apply your makeup flawlessly.

The type of mirror fit for you is a matter of personal preference and routine, but one thing is for sure-- a quality makeup mirror is an essential for everyone. Find them as well as mixed makeup lots and other cosmetic items on eBay today.

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