Makeup Mirrors

Magnificient makeup mirrors

Lighted makeup mirrors offer an easy way to ensure that makeup can be applied precisely, all while evoking the glamour of the golden movie age when film stars would have bulbs all around their vanity mirrors. The increased lighting helps to show up any mistakes and ensure that a makeup routine can be performed to a professional standard, even in your own home.

They are available on eBay in a range of lighting strengths with the option of a warm or cool glow, sometimes there is even a dimming feature to control the light intensity.

LED lighted

Modern mirrors have however surpassed the heat emitting bulbs in the vintage mirrors, and LEDs can now provide a low running cost option but with an excellent high light source. LED lights have extremely long lives, which means a mirror will last for years before needing replacing, making a new vanity mirror a real investment piece. Lighted makeup mirrors are ideal for both the grooming routine of makeup application and styling hair.


Many mirrors with lights also have a magnifying section. This could be a small extra mirror that offers magnification, or a split mirror where one half is normal, and the other half is magnified. Magnification makes tricky makeup, like applying false eyelashes or mascara, much easier to do as each eyelash becomes visible.

Vanity mirrors

Many mirrors have more than meets the eye too. Folding vanity mirrors with storage space for makeup and perfumes behind the glass are increasing in popularly as they help to keep dressing tables clear of toiletries. Whereas portable tabletop mirrors are ideal for holidays or business trips where looking your best is important, as you cant guarantee that where youll be staying will have a decent mirror or lighting to apply your cosmetics or to complete your beauty regime.

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