Mixed Makeup Lots

Purchasing mixed makeup lots offers you the opportunity to get several different brands of makeup at once or different types if you prefer. Instead of buying piece by piece, you can opt for a mixed lot, with perhaps several powders or foundations, several different eyeshadows and several lipsticks. Or, you can choose all lipsticks or all eyeshadows––the best part is the variety you get when you choose a lot.

Eyes, Lips and Skin

With mixed lots, you can easily mix and match, depending on the lot. The most popular types of makeup focus primarily on the eyes, lips and skin. When it comes to bare necessities and staples you must stock, you always need several lip glosses or lipsticks, several different eyeshadow shades (especially one palette for winter and one for summer). Other eye makeup includes mascara and eye pencils. Foundation is a staple many women use, as is pressed or loose powder. It’s always a good idea to have blush and bronzer in your ensemble as well.


When opting for a mixed lot, there may be extra makeup tools and accessories in the lot as well. Some women prefer to use the brushes that come complete with their makeup, while others prefer to have select, singular brushes for each type of application. Having one durable brush set on hand is always a good idea, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Several different eye brushes allow you to apply liquid liner, contour your eyeshadow and evenly coat your lids.

Other Makeup Accessories

You may also find other makeup accessories tucked in a mixed lot. For example, maybe there’s some sculpting hair spray tucked in, or a face cream or moisturiser that’s highly recommended. Other makeup accessories you may find in mixed lots include acne treatment, Halloween embellishments, makeup sets and kits for children, makeup cases and beauty bags.

Brand Choices

There are many brand choices when it comes to cosmetics, and you may find that a mixed lot carries all one brand or multiple brands. Some popular and well-loved makeup brands include NYX, Anastasia, M.A.C., Urban Decay, NARS and Revlon.