Everything in one

Tired of carrying all your makeup separately? Are you tired of your eye and face makeup rattling around your bag all day?Get rid of the clutter and excess products with these makeup sets. Eliminate the clutter, and organise your makeup with these kits, that contain eye, face and lip products all in one. This range also includes makeup kits that contain all your

Easy to use and carry

Uncomplicated, simple and easy to use, this multi-use product eliminates the need for multiple other products and is the best way to organise your daily work. We understand the busy woman has no time to be rifling through her bag for touch ups between meetings, nor does she have the time to go from store to store to find the great palette for herself. Take the effort out of looking put together and spend more time having fun.These sets are designed to be easy to use, easy to navigate and come in a variety of shades and colours for every single woman out there, regardless of skin tone.

A fantastic range available

With brands such as Estee Lauder, Sephora, NARS, Urban Decay, Nude By Nature, Laura Geller, Technic and more, we stock everything from drugstore brands to luxury brands and everything in between.If you don’t need a big brand name, then we have a range that includes both sets and kits, with multiple products, such as travel makeup palettes that include the necessities in an easy to pack manner.If you have a specific skin need, such as normal skin, sensitive skin or combination skin, this range caters to you.No matter what style of makeup you personally enjoy wearing, this range has it all, from metallic to smoky eyes and romantic shades included.