Makeup Sponges, Applicators & Cotton

Makeup Sponges, Applicators and Cotton

Makeup has always played a big role in beauty. Many people wear makeup for various reasons. Some do it as a hobby and as a way to express their creativity. Others do it to look better and cover up physical flaws they may be insecure about. Whatever the reason may be, a natural look is often the preferred result, and it starts with how you apply the makeup onto your skin.

Makeup Applicator Types

There are many different types of makeup, all playing their part to help create a complete look. From foundation to eye shadows to blushes, makeup is made from different bases. You have liquid-based, cream-based and powder-based makeup as well as some others. Each type needs a different kind of applicator to help it show its full potential. Therefore, you should be careful in the types of makeup applicator you choose. Some of the most common are makeup sponges and makeup brushes. Some newer options come in silicone. In fact, silicone sponges and makeup applicators are designed for minimal product absorption for maximum product use.

Makeup Sponge Design and Use

Makeup sponges are a common way of applying cream or liquid based makeup onto the skin. They are most commonly used for the application of foundation as their large surface area makes it easier to cover your entire face. A popular makeup sponge comes in an egg-shaped design, and similar ones allow for easy access to both large areas and tighter corners, for example near the eyes and around the nose. For best results, lightly dampen the makeup sponge. This way, it does not absorb too much of the product, thereby allowing the product to last longer.

Makeup Removal

As fun as it is to put makeup on, it is not advised to have your makeup on for longer than 12 hours. Therefore, makeup removers are just as important as applicators. For easy makeup removal, apply some makeup remover to a facial cotton pad before wiping your makeup off. For people who are constantly on the go, there are makeup removal cotton pads already infused with makeup remover. Simply pull one out of its package and use it to wipe off your makeup.