Makeup Brushes

As any artist will admit, it’s impossible to create a masterpiece without the correct tools. When it comes to applying makeup, having the right tools is just as essential. While most women wouldn’t say they created a masterpiece on their face each morning, it’s still important to get makeup right. Unblended jawlines, squint liner, and wonky eyebrows is not the best look. If the effort is going to be made, if makeup is going to be applied, then it makes sense that the end result should really be better than the beginning product.    Makeup brushes are one of the most important tools in any woman’s makeup bag. What kind of brushes should be in there? While the number of brushes will really depend on the type of makeup worn each day, there are a few essential brushes every woman who wears makeup should have. An eye shadow brush can help apply eye shadow, distributing colour evenly with minimal dust overspray. If eye shadow is worn, a blending brush is a must. Shadow should be blended, blended, blended. While on the subject of blending, a foundation brush or sponge is another key element. This can provide an even covering of foundation, while blending colour into the hairline and through the jawline. Next is the blush brush, for applying blush, and the face powder brush, for applying face powder, obvs.

Other Tools and Accessories

A makeup bag isn’t just filled with makeup brushes. Aside from the actual makeup, there are usually a few other tools in there too. These can include makeup mirrors (especially handy if they feature magnification and a light), makeup sponges, applicators and cottons, makeup sharpeners (for eyeliners and lipliners), and eyelash tools (those scary looking devices known as eyelash curlers).   Ready to invest in all those essential makeup bag essentials? eBay is most definitely the place to be. Featuring an awesome range of makeup and makeup tools, eBay makes shopping for makeup easy breezy. Searching for the right tools and accessories? Check out popular brands like EcoTools, Natio, Ovonni and Real Techniques to find a great selection of makeup brushes, tools and more.