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Makita Battery Impact Wrenches

Makita Battery Cordless Impact Wrenches

Enjoy the multiple advantages of owning and operating a Makita battery powered impact wrench. One of the biggest advantages is the battery itself, no more tying yourself to an electric outlet. Put a Makita impact driver in the boot, and you will be ready anytime the need arises.

High RPMs

You want it done fast, but you also want it done correctly. The faster the output shaft spins on the Makita industrial impact wrench, the quicker you finish the project. Basically, any that offers a 3,000 or above RPMs is ideal for any impact wrench.


Torque is the force that changes how an object rotates. When it comes to a Makita impact wrench, this is the power that is at the heart of the tool. More torque means that the wrench is able to exert more influence over the bolt.


Nobody wants to lug around heavy equipment from job site to job site. With Makita, big things really do come in small packages. After holding a wrench for several minutes while trying to work on a challenging project, you will appreciate the fact you went with a lighter version of this much-needed tool. The weight should be one of the top reasons you decide on the model you do, overall its easier to use and it offers less strain on the wrist.


Modern technology added to years of innovations and advancements in both design and power source means that battery operated tools are stronger, lighter and easier to use than ever before. Toss in the added benefit of Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries and you get a must have piece of equipment you cant live without in your tool box. Enjoy a compact size with more power, use life and a longer lifespan than its counterparts.