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Makita Industrial Drop Saws

Makita Industrial Drop Saw

As a world leader in manufacturing power garden equipment and power tool industrial supplies, you know you can trust the superb range of Makita drop saws to get the job done. Makita power tools are there to help you with your next building project, no matter how big or small.

What are Drop Saws?

Also known as a miter saw, you can use a drop saw to make accurate and quick cross cuts. There is a swing arm with a mounted blade that swings left or right to give you angled cuts. You can use these electric saws for making door frames, picture frames and window casings. Small but powerful, these industrial saws are easily portable and usually have a blade size of between eight and twelve inches.

How Often Should I Replace My Miter Saw Blade?

Blades can wear out over time so it’s best to sharpen your Makita saw blade regularly. If you notice that any of the teeth are missing or the saw is not cutting as sharp as before, it would be time to get a new blade.