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Makita Industrial Impact Wrenches

Makita Impact Wrenches

Makita impact wrenches are reliable tools for the auto shop or the assembly line. They make it effortless to complete tasks that require sudden or hard torque applications, such as automotive repairs and installation, product assembly, and more. The typical impact wrench uses pneumatic power, but this means limited portability since you must always have a compressor attached. Makita wrenches often run on electricity and come in corded and cordless models.

Corded Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches fit any standard socket wrench drive size, making them suitable for many assembly jobs. Makita corded electric impact wrenches are no different and may often be easier to use since you only need wall power as opposed to an air compressor. These heavy duty power wrenches typically come in a box with some sockets and feature a wire holster to hang onto a tool belt or trousers. Others include a foregrip attachment for added stability and handling.

Cordless Impact Wrenches

Makita battery impact wrenches are excellent choices if you are at a job site with no access to a generator or wall power. Just carry extra battery packs and you can expect smooth sailing. To supplement their inherent portability, the cordless wrenches feature a broad steel clip that can hook into a belt or the waistline of your trousers so you can easily unholster it when the wrenching must commence. Compared to their corded counterparts, they are small for portability.

Batteries and Chargers

Makita electric impact wrenches vary in voltage and power output. They may either be 12-volt or 18-volt wrenches, so take note if you plan to buy extra batteries or a replacement charger to ensure compatibility. Moreover, it is always good to have at least three spare batteries if you often use the wrenches; otherwise, you may have to stop working to recharge your tool.