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Makita Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

Makita has been producing high quality electronic engines and power tools for over 100 years. They pride themselves on producing extremely high quality products, and their tools can be trusted to do a good job on time, every time. If you are looking for a new leaf blower of vacuum, don’t go past a Makita blower. Makita has the right blower for your job; you will find everything from Makita cordless blowers to blowers that plug into the mains electricity. Every blower is different, and you should choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Blower or Vacuum?

The first thing that you really need to think about is whether you want a Makita blower, or a vacuum. Blowers obviously blow leaves and other debris away from you, which means that you can simply blow them onto the road or into the bushes. Vacuums collect debris from the ground, and are probably better for small areas with concrete or paved floors. Take a look at the wide range of Makita leaf blowers and vacuums when choosing a new blower, and keep in mind that some models both blow and vacuum.

Battery Powered Makita Blowers

Makita cordless blowers have become very popular over the years, which has led to the company releasing many different cordless options. Makita battery powered leaf blowers and vacuums are always a good choice, especially if you have a small amount of work to do with your blower. Battery powered Makita cordless blowers are easy to use, generally compact and lightweight, and don’t cost anything to run.

Petrol Makita Blowers

If you have a larger job or a larger area to regularly clean, a larger Makita cordless blower model could be useful. In this case, it is probably advisable to go for a Makita petrol leaf blower or vacuum. While these will need fuel with petrol and oil and a little maintenance from time to time, they are generally a much more efficient option for large spaces.