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Makita Power Tool Sets

Makita Power Tool Combos

The invention of power tools greatly benefited labourers. When connecting with a power source, these tools make manual labour easier. Makita is a Japanese Corporation that opened in 1915. The company began as an electric motor seller and repair business. Today, it is a well-known brand that sells Makita power tools and power tool combo kits.

What are Useful Makita Power Tools?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Makita power drills. These are like energised screwdrivers. It has a number of attachments called bits. These are different screw shapes you attach to match the particular screw you are working on. A power drill or cordless drill uses external power to drill holes into walls, wood and other surfaces. A Makita drill set gives you everything you need to get to work.
  2. Makita angle grinders. These are useful for many tasks around the house. Detachable grinding wheels are for polishing and abrasive cutting. Cutting tiles, sharpening mower blades and cleaning garden tools are some of the things you can do easier with angle grinders. Check Makita XAG03Z. This is a lithium-ion battery powered angle grinder. The cordless feature grants more freedom of use. It has an automatic speed changer to help maintain performance.
  3. Leaf blowers. Leaf blowers greatly lessen the working hours of gardeners. This gardening tool propels strong air out of its nozzle and dislodges debris, dirt, leaves and grass cuttings in the garden saving labourers a lot of time in having to manually rake leaves or pick out debris on the ground. The Makita DUB361Z is a type of leaf blower.

What are Some Makita Power Tool Combos Available?

Makita power tool combos are Makita combos are definite bargains. An assortment of the most common power tools is available as bundled or combo products sold together at a discounted price. Here are some options for purchase:

  1. Makita LXT combo. These are 18-volt tools that have fast-charging batteries. For this bundle, you get six pieces of cordless power tools.
  2. Makita XT704 or XT706. These are quite the same bundle. You get seven pieces of cordless power tools among of which are hammer drill, impact driver, recipro saw, angle grinder.
  3. Makita DLX2214TJ. This is a two-piece brushless bundle, which is a lot like the DTD146Z. The power tool combo includes the DHP481Z Hammer Drill and the DTD170Z Impact Driver.

How Do You Care for Your Power Tools?

Here are some ways to care for your tools:

  1. Clean contacts for motors to extend the life of your brushes. If you dont, friction with dirt and trapped particles will cause early wear and tear.
  2. Replace brushes promptly so as not to cause strain on your power tool.
  3. Lubricate when you observe metal rubbing on metal.