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Are your current sunglasses just not doing the job? Or are you looking for practical eyewear for the outdoors? eBay has got you covered with their huge selection of Mako eyewear and sun protection products. Perfect for diving, camping, fishing, boating, golf, hiking and cycling, Mako sunglasses are known for their remarkable clarity, quality, scratch protection and UV protection. All sunglasses are made from Italian and Japanese lenses that allow 99.9% glare-free vision and great depth perception that's crucial for all of your outdoor activities. What's more is that they are wrap-around and polarised to prevent sunlight from getting in the top, sides and bottom of your glasses, they meet Australian and NZ eyecare standards and they're comfortable. How do we know? Well, commercial fisherman, race car drivers and outdoor journalists have all had a say when it comes to the design and practicality of Mako sunglasses. It's time to try them out today with a few simple clicks on eBay. 

Looking for the perfect sunglasses for a weekend out on the water? You can find a huge variety of polarised fishing sunglasses that come in multiple colours and styles. eBay also has a specific collection of sunglasses for men. If you've broken your sunglasses and a new pair of sunglasses is not what you're looking for, then why not check out the extensive range of replacement lenses and parts

With Mako, you can be sure that your sunglasses are made for you. There are a huge variety of lens colours to suit your conditions, whether it's low-light fishing, early morning or general daytime outdoor activities. You can also pick lenses based on the type of activity you need them for. For example, skippers need to see all around them and brown lenses have a wide viewing slot making them perfect for a day out on the water. 

Find your perfect pair of sunglasses today from Mako, on eBay!