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Malibu Surfboards

Surfing is one of Australia’s most common sports. People across the country enjoy going for a surf from time to time. It doesn’t matter whether you surf every single day or just once in awhile, you will still need a high quality surfboard. Malibu surfboards offer everything you could want as a surfer. The brand builds them to very high quality specifications, with a team of experts creating them for people just like you and me. This means that when you buy a Malibu surfboard, you can rely on it to perform time after time.

Longboard Or Shortboard?

Once you have decided to buy a surfboard, you need to decide what type of board you want. Real Malibu surfboards come in two main forms (as do most boards): longboards and shortboards. Longboard surfboards are the most popular among beginners who are learning to surf on smaller waves. They are a lot more buoyant than short boards, and are therefore easier to ride with smaller waves and less experience. Shortboards are tougher to ride, but are much more maneuverable when you get them in the water. This makes them popular among experienced surfers chasing bigger waves.

Boards For Beginners

When you are starting to surf, it can be hard to get your confidence up. Although many people choose to start with a simple longboard, there are other options out there. Foam surfboards are usually a good choice for beginners. Malibu foam surfboards are very popular, and offer superior flotation and ease of catching waves.

Other Surfing Gear

As a beginner, you might get away with just having a foam surfboard. However, once you get more experienced, you will need other accessories. Check out the range of Malibu surfing goods for all your accessory needs. Get things like board wax, new leg ropes and even wetsuits at very competitive prices from Malibu!