Make a statement with Mambo clothing on eBay 

Mambo is known for its eye-catching men's clothing, including shirts, shorts, t-shirts and more. Founded in Sydney in 1984, Mambo has helped fashion-forward men stand out from the crowd for more than 30 years. Whether you're shopping for your first piece of Mambo clothing or adding to a huge existing collection, you'll find a Mambo piece to fit into your wardrobe. Shopping for Mambo clothing on eBay is your chance to own a genuine item for a fraction of the cost. 

Australian musician Dare Jennings founded Mambo with business partner and mate Andrew Rich in the 80s when the pair were inspired to put large, attention-grabbing prints on t-shirts. Mambo's product line has since evolved to include Hawaiian shirts, shorts, sweaters and more. 

Eye-catching designs 

Mambo is perhaps best known for its eye-catching t-shirts, often emblazoned with big prints like faces, characters, logos or large font. With designs in grey, black, red, white, blue, pink, orange and a whole rainbow of other colours, a Mambo t-shirt is bound to make you stand out from the crowd. The brand's other best-selling product is its famous Hawaiin shirt. Deliberately bright, loud and gaudy, these shirts are not for the faint-hearted. Mambo shirts are perfect for music festivals, parties and events. 

Find brand new, vintage and pre-owned Mambo products on eBay, depending on your preference and budget. Secure your purchase in just a few clicks or, if you're after a real bargain, take part in an eBay auction. 

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