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Mamiya Camera Lens

Bring images into focus with Mamiya

Photography enthusiasts the world over look to Mamiya for quality cameras and accessories. Hugely popular is their range of 150mm focal lenses, designed to bring your pictures to life with crisp, concise clarity. So, if you’ve already got a Mamiya camera and want to take your photography to the next level, perhaps it’s time to consider adding one of these great 150mm focal lenses to your armoury.

The lens photographers love

This lens is created for the serious photo buffs out there and is already favoured by professional photographers. The Mamiya 150mm lens is uniquely created as a special application lens that offers a variable soft focus while doubling as a normal telephoto lens at the same time.

For photography like portraits and weddings, this lens is so popular because the soft-focus effects are so unusual, but uniquely controllable. For apertures from f/4 to f/8, this is your lens of choice and comes with a set of 3 different diffusion discs.

Soft, beautiful clarity

Photographers love the Mamiya 150mm focal lens so much because it takes away the need for endless re-touching. For studio-distance photography, you can’t go past the Mamiya 150mm because it can give precise, sharp images at smaller apertures while providing beautiful, soft-focus images that also appear sharp when working from further away. Eliminating the need to change lenses constantly is a huge plus for photographers who want to capture everything.

The features

There are multiple applications with the Mamiya 150mm lens, including beauty, portraits, fashion, landscape and just general photography. The 77mm filter size also allows close focus to 61cm. With the maximum focus length of 150mm, it mounts easily to your camera with the Mamiya R8 lens mount.

Make your photography tasks easy with Mamiya, and get the delicate, soft-focus you need without sacrificing sharpness and image clarity.