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Manfrotto Ball Head Camera Tripods and Monopods

It is common for photographers to keep both camera tripods and monopods for gear. There are differing purposes each one fulfils. Also, many favour ball head camera tripods and monopods. It is primarily because ball head ones can allow for smooth, stable adjustments. This makes positioning simpler and easier. Adjustment possibilities are infinite, and lock and unlock features are easy to operate. The Manfrotto brand is popular for its quality. You have a selection of Manfrotto ball head camera tripods and monopods with 360-degree rotation to choose from. With base materials, there are Manfrotto ball head aluminium camera tripods and monopods as well as carbon fibre ones.

Making Choices/strong>

If you are doing wildlife photography, live action photography, sports coverage or live parties, a monopod may be convenient for you to carry. It’s definitely less of a baggage compared with a tripod. Plus, setup and pack-up are quick to do. Should you need to move swiftly, you can. For well-attended events like parties or conferences, a monopod would do you better service if you’d be moving about in the crowd. Manfrotto Gitzo Monopod Series 4 is one choice. It is sturdy and highly portable. You get a 4-section carbon fibre equipment. It can handle professional DSLR cameras with long lenses. Expect a strong and secure G-lock ultra system. The foot pivots so you can conveniently capture moving subjects. The feet are also removable; accessorise with different attachments.

Photography in One Place or On the Move

If you’d be staying at a fixed location, you can set-up a camera tripod. Also, a camera tripod may be the better choice if you want a steadier gear to place your heavy camera and lens onto. For nature or landscape photography, a tripod would also be your better gear since you need to set you photography equipment for a longer time. You’d want a reliable and stable tripod carrying the weight of those long lens and heavy camera. Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fibre Camera Tripod has 100 per cent carbon fibre legs. It is lightweight, weighing a little over one kilogramme. It is foldable to 40 centimetres. The quick-release adaptor grants a tight fold of the legs. When it comes to doing video coverage, the tripod is the popular choice. It makes for shake-free recording. Besides that, video recording equipment tends to be on the heavy side. Again, stability and reliability come into play. If you want the best of both worlds, you may check out Manfrotto PIXI EVO. It is a 2-Section mini tripod. This ball head tripod is light and compact but steady. It can handle up to 2.5 kilogrammes of devices. It accommodates up to 90 degrees of tilt.

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