Manic Panic

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Life is short. Try that exciting hair colour you've been dreaming about. With incredible deals on Manic Panic hair products at your fingertips on eBay, there's no excuse not to give that daring new colour a go. 

Whether you've always fantasised about getting lavender locks or want to add a red tint to your brunette hairdo, Manic Panic makes the best unusual colours on the market. While natural colours like brown, blonde and black are easy to buy in chemists and supermarkets, wacky colours are hard to get hold of, and you'll likely have to find that blue, navy or fuschia dye online. Why not shop for your crazy colour on eBay for the best prices around? Create your own custom price range to make sure you can only see affordable results, or take part in an auction to be in the best chance of finding a great bargain. 

No commitment colour 

If you're not dead set on committing to a Manic Panic colour, there are some great temporary options to choose from. Manic Panic's Temporary Hair Colour Styling Gel and Temporary Colour Spray add a pop of colour that washes out straight away. Choose between pink, red, blue, purple, green, silver, orange, black or navy for a no-commitment hair experiment. 

Big changes 

If you're committed to changing your hair with a Manic Panic semi-permanent colour, the Classic High Voltage Hair Colour, Amplified Hair Colour and Professional Gel Hair Colour products are for you. Although it varies between colour and range, these items and designed to last at least eight washes, for a long-term colour. For best results, use a Manic Panic bleaching and lightening kit, so the colour has a good light base. 

With thousands of Manic Panic products to choose from on eBay, there's never been a better time to get shopping. So what are you waiting for? Get browsing eBay for Manic Panic products today!