Enhance the natural beauty of your nails with manicure and pedicure nail buffers from eBay

Nail buffing during a manicure or pedicure is the act of polishing the nail using buffers of finer grit to achieve a more consistent and shinier look. A regular nail and hand care routine that includes buffing is recommended if you want as beautiful, natural and glossy-looking nails as possible. Some people even choose to forego nail polish, preferring the natural sheen of their buffed nails.

Buffing has many benefits, including smoothing out the nail surface for better application of nail polish and acting as an alternative to clear nail polish. It helps get rid of dry and dead surface cells on your nails and stimulates blood circulation to the nail bed, contributing to the general health of the nails.

Steps to buffing your nails

An emery board nail file is used first to shape your nails from the side. This is followed by a buff using a medium grit surface which is used to smooth irregularities and ridges in the nail. A fine-grained buff is then used to smooth the nail to a matte surface and, finally, the finest grit is used to give the nails their natural looking, glossy shine.

Different types of nail buffers

There are various types of nail buffing tools for manicures and pedicures, but three of the most common are the 3-in-1 buffer, buffing blocks and electric nail files.

The 3-in-1 buffer is usually the shape of a paddle pop stick but often larger. One side is a complete surface and the other side is broken into two different surfaces. Usually they are colour coded to help you work out which one to use first. One surface will be an emery board, one a buffer and the other a polisher.

A buffing block is a 3-dimensional rectangle block with a different grit on each side. They come in different sizes. You usually begin with the side featuring the largest grit and work your way down to the side with the finest grit to achieve shine on your nails.

Electric nail files are small hand-held tools with interchangeable heads of various grit. Specific heads for buffing are available for purchase and can be swapped out when you require a finer grit on your nail.