Stock up on manicure and pedicure nail drill bits with the help of eBay

For fun looking nails, you’ll benefit from a manicure and pedicure kit. Use at your disposal and mix up your look whenever the mood takes you - or perhaps you’re a professional nail technician or company looking to stock up on supplies. Either way you’ll need to have plenty of spares, including nail drill parts. The good news is that eBay has a massive selection of beauty products, from nail drills to nail art accessories, that can have you ready to rock at any time

Bits and bobs

At 7cm, it’s easy to lose or misplace a nail drill bit. Thankfully, there’s plenty available on eBay to stock up on. This includes the popular diamond ceramic nail drill bit, designed for electric milling machines. Available in numerous sizes, opt for F1 through to A5 and all that’s in between for natural and artificial nails.

Stock up on sets

If you’re just starting out in the industry, you’ll benefit from a set of head machine tools including all the essentials for getting off the ground. This includes; stone cuticle bits, diamond bits and a nail drill brush available in a host of sizes. Now you can polish and smooth nails in the most professional way.

Customise your look

Why not bring a touch of personality to proceedings with a colourful nail bit? There’s a host of colours, designs and patterns to choose from. Opt for bright green, electric pink, or neon orange, amongst the eclectic collection available. While you’re shopping, be sure to check out the manicure and pedicure spas and bath supplies – ideal for all your professional needs.

Buy in bulk

Small and fiddly, it’s no surprise that electric nail bits can be mislaid or need regular replacing. Now’s the time to stock up in just a few clicks. Electric drill nail bits and grind heads (diamond) are available in bulk buys, from six to twelve pieces. No more searching around for spares when you’re fully stocked and ready to go!