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Manicure and Pedicure Tools and Kits

Manicures and pedicures may cost a small fortune, especially because you need to have them regularly. However, if you learn how to do it yourself at home, you can save a great deal in both money and time. With the right tools, the task is not as daunting as it might seem at first. Pick up one of the designated kits that has everything you need and start pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home. However, first you need to get to know the single items inside the kits to decide what exactly your kit should include. This largely depends on the amount of time you are willing to spend doing pedicure and manicure.

Nail Files and Rasps

Nail files help to smooth the edges of your nails and make them look nice and round. On natural nails, it is best to use softer files to prevent any shredding of nail plate layers. For shaping the nails, however, you should start with the rougher part of the file and later use the fine grain to smooth the nails. Many files already nail buffers included. Choose your materials carefully, such as with a sandpaper manicure and pedicure tool kits or glass manicure or pedicure tool kits, with the latter lasting much longer. If your heels get crackling very easily, choose a kit that includes a callous rasp that allows you to remove dead skin.

Cuticle Tools

Cutting cuticles around the nail bed ensures a cleaner look and allows you to apply polish with greater ease, without out peeling away from the edges where it meets the cuticle. Use a cuticle pusher to push it away from the nail. Some pushers also feature a nail cleaner on the other tip, so you can get all the dirt from underneath your nails. Afterwards, cut the cuticles with special cutters. Never cut live skin, only the dry dead hangnails, because otherwise you give a green light to infections due to exposed skin.

Orangewood Stick

The simple orangewood stick is fit for several purposes. Its angled side works as a cuticle pusher, while the pointed tip is perfect for making nail art. When applying nail polish, you can use it to remove any polish that gets onto the skin on either side of your nails.

Nail Clippers

Cut your toenails and fingernails with sharp clippers for clean cuts. If the clippers are blunt, you could actually damage your nails and the result is not pretty, either. You might need separate clippers for your fingers and toes because toenails are much bigger. Stainless steel is a good material option because it is durable and not prone to corrosion.