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Manning Cartell Dresses for Women

The beauty behind the brand

Manning Cartell was founded in 2005 by three sisters-- Cheryl, Vanessa, and Gabrielle Manning. Although the brand is young, theyve made a name for themselves among the best of the Australian fashion market, and its no surprise why. The Manning sisters pride themselves on work ethic and an inspired vision, and have found success in keeping their stock predominantly on the web, with a few exceptions of boutiques around Australia.

Whats truly unique about Manning Cartell is their distinctive style-- always contemporary, innovative, and sophisticated. The Manning sisters have brought a true integrity to their brand, and consistently take an ethical approach to design creation. While others may claim eco-friendliness, the ethical approach of Manning Cartell has been proven, and in 2012 the brand was accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. From Manning Cartell pants for women to jackets to dresses, you know each piece you purchase is created and crafted responsibly, so you can not only look good but feel good, too.

Possibly the most popular of their collections are the stunning Manning Cartell womens dresses that grace the closets of women around Australia and around the world. Youll find a huge variety in their styles, and although they all maintain their elegance and class, each dress is unique, with beautifully crafted features. Manning Cartell dresses are known for their unexpected details, made from innovative fabrics, and as you browse youre sure to notice the prominent colours and prints that are fundamental to the brand. With an endless choice of lengths, colours, styles, patterns, and personalities, you know youll find the perfect Manning Cartell dresses to fit your wardrobe.

Do you want to be the head-turner in a printed dress? The sophisticated guest at a dinner party? The best thing about Manning Cartell dresses is that they let you express yourself just by slipping on some of the most beautiful dresses on the market. Just like the Manning sisters, you have a vision. Bring out your personality with dresses that are made to stand out while staying beautifully refined.