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Manual Cars

Enjoy long drives with manual cars

A journey is what you make of it. With the right vehicle, even a trip to the grocery store can feel like an incredible adventure. Manual cars make you feel more in control and connected to your vehicle. Sifting through the gears on a slick manual box is one of lifes pleasures that those with an automatic lose out.

All brands produce their own range of manual transmission cars, from Ford and Honda to Toyota and Mazda. Get behind the wheel and coast through the gears as you drive through the country listening to the hum of the engine. Youre also not limited to a certain type either whether you want a manual hatchback, coupe or SUV youre covered.

Manual gearboxes and manual cars allow you to have complete control over your journey. As the traditional solution for most cars, theyre often considered to be the ultimate feature for drivers who want an engaging drive. Get pumping that clutch.

Managing a manual gearbox

A manual transmission is typically less expensive than an automatic transmission. There are wide a range of high-quality, manual gearbox options to ensure youll be able to achieve that exhilarating road experience. From the impeccable Chevrolet Camaro with its traditional 1971 body to the fiery Alfa Romeo GTV, theres a model for any motorist looking for a more involving daily drive.

Choosing a manual gearbox

Whether youre looking for a complete manual car or a manual gearbox to fit into your existing vehicle, youre sure to find the perfect solution. The most common is the 5-speed gearbox, though six and even seven-gear manual gearboxes are also available. Just remember to consider compatibility, so that you are looking for the right gearbox.

With your new manual transmission, youll have complete control over your ride, which is one of the many reasons why driving enthusiasts swear by the experience a manual clutch can offer. Start the engine, engage the clutch and take your new manual for a spin.

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