Manual juicers for authentic, healthy drinks

Making your own fruit juice is an excellent way to save money and improve your health. That’s because almost all of the juices we buy in the supermarket are full of other additives, preservatives, sugar and other things that we don’t really want in there. If you’ve got access to fresh fruit from a tree in the backyard, you’ll love making your own juice. 

You can also use it to get the fresh juice you need for cooking, such as lemon juice. You might not need a lot of it but making it fresh is much better than squeezing it from a bottle.

Different types of juicers available

You’ll find plenty of different hand juicers here on eBay, some of them even being specifically designed for certain types of juicing. 

  • Glass juicers
  • Lemon squeezers
  • Plastic juicer with pip collection grate
  • Hand presses
  • Stainless steel juicers
  • Orange juicer with container
  • Manual juice extractors

It really comes down to personal preference. Some people like having a grate, meaning the juice flows into a container blow but any pips or seeds won’t mix with the juice. Others love the traditional glass juicers where pulp and all can blend with the juice. Or for a slightly less manually intensive operation, a juice press uses a lever so that physics does the work for you!

Why use manual juicers instead of electric?

It’s perfectly reasonable to ask why you would do something manually when you can buy electric items to do the job a lot easier. Well, you might be surprised to find out that there are many advantages of using a manual juicer instead of the faster electric version. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll get when doing the job manually.

  • Safer to use
  • No electricity required
  • Completely portable
  • Higher quality of juice
  • Much cheaper to buy
  • Manually squeezed juice lasts longer

This last point is important to remember. It’s because oxidisation occurs faster in an electric juicer, which is why you see foam at the top. This means you need to drink it quickly. Manual juicers though, allow you to keep the juice for hours before it needs to be consumed.