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Manual treadmills

Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment for both at home and in the gym. If you're thinking of setting up a home gym or just feel you need to do more exercise, a manual treadmill is a must. As technology has evolved treadmills have too, which now means there are models available which include features such as Wi-Fi, clocks, and heart rate monitors so you can track your results as you go.

Keep on top of your fitness

Whether you are having a workout to just burn some extra calories, want to lose a few pounds, or are looking to improve your overall fitness, then manual treadmills are simple and easy to use.

The way manual treadmills work is by using a motor which powers the belt. Once you're on the motorized treadmill, you can change the speed of the belt which in turn will make them have to run faster or slower. For those who are wanting to make the intensity a bit harder, you can add an incline or decline gradient to make it feel like you are running over hilly terrain.

Manual settings allow you to choose the workout and exercise plan you want.

Some of the treadmills which have electronic screens can also have customised programmable workouts put into them. This works by having the treadmill automatically changing the speed, terrain, intensity and incline during the course of your workout. So you can have the option of doing high-intensity interval training, fartlek, or steady state jogging.

If you want to train like the best you probably want to look at some of the high quality machines available, you can find brands such as Lifespan, Nautilus, and BH Fitness. Otherwise, there are many other models available too depending on your budget. Whether for a man, woman, or child you can find a treadmill to help you with your running goals.

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