Maps & Atlases

Explore the world with maps and atlases

If you are searching for maps or atlases, eBay has hardcover books, wall maps and folding maps that can help you plot a course for adventure or simply decorate your space as you see fit.

The world in a book

An atlas is a prized possession for those who love to think about the wider world around them. A world atlas gives readers the chance to search every country, continent, ocean and island. You can discover a range of geographic features and the topography of an area's landscape, along with climates, social and economic statistics and more. A world atlas includes maps that will delve into the history of countries and regions, and offers tables, graphs and written text to explain what you're looking at.

Stay on track

Is your GPS on the blink, or do you prefer the old school method of map hunting in your local area without relying on the latest tech? Street maps and directories put the power of navigation back in your hands. You can buy vintage guides or find the latest street directory for your area online on eBay. Just remember – these don't update automatically like your GPS might!

Ready for the road

Travelling overseas or around Australia on the road trip of a lifetime and want to check out the best destinations along the way so you can plan ahead? A handy road atlas will help you do exactly that. You'll find road atlases with old school and new mapping styles, suitable for road vehicles and 4WDs. A road atlas is a great travel guide for adventures that take you off the beaten track, where you might not always have service for a GPS.

Check out eBay's massive selection of maps and atlases today and get ready to explore.