Challenge Yourself with Map Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have long been seen as a great way to flex the mental muscles. Completing one can take plenty of patience, persistence, and some serious problem-solving skills. It can also give you a real sense of achievement as you successfully slot in the final piece.

Map puzzles can be particularly entertaining, bringing together the challenge of a jigsaw puzzle with the fun of learning about geography.

Map puzzles for all ages

Different jigsaw puzzles are designed to have different difficulty levels. As such, it is important to match the complexity of the puzzle you chose to the age of the person it is for. To help you with this, most map puzzles will come with an age recommendation.

For younger audiences, designs are usually kept fairly simple. The pictures are generally less complex and feature bright colours and clearer imagery. Most puzzles for this group will also have less pieces, making them quicker and easier to finish.

For more mature or experienced puzzlers, the difficulty level is increased through the use of more complex designs. Pictures are generally quite detailed and often have large sections that look quite similar. Also, the pieces are usually smaller and there are more of them, meaning they take longer to complete.

Learn while you play

Depending on the chosen design, map puzzles can actually be quite an educational experience. As pieces are joined together, connections are made between different cities and countries. This, in turn, can help develop knowledge of the pictured area’s geography and well-known sites.

This can be particularly beneficial for children, making the learning process more fun. In fact, much like other geography toys, map puzzles are mostly about entertainment – the educational element is just a bonus!

Map puzzles are also a great option for those that enjoy building things. In this regard, they are similar to model building toys, as they require you to picture how different pieces fit together.