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Marantec Garage Door Remotes and Transmitters

Marantec garage door remotes accommodate every kind and size of garage door. The frequency Marantec transmitters used was once 418 MegaHertz (MHz), but more recently, it's 433.92 or 868 MHz. The main thing to be aware of is that you need a bit of patience to program the units initially. After that, they perform very well.

Unbranded Garage Door Remotes

If your budget is limited, unbranded garage door remotes can operate your brand of garage controller, such as Marantec, Boss, ATA, Merlin, and many others. Alternately, you can purchase universal garage door remotes that can operate more than one brand of doors. Before you buy an unbranded remote, check that it will operate the exact brands and models of the devices that you own. Note that some unbranded remotes may not be able to engage both mechanical and electronic locks.

Learning Remotes

Learning garage door remotes are transmitters that can literally learn how to use the codes of another remote. You have to use the old remote so the learning remote can pick up the signal. Once it does, it will store the codes, and you'll be able to control your device with the learning remote. You don't have to program it yourself. A note of caution: if you are going to change remotes, make sure you do not reset or update your old remote. Otherwise, the learning remote won't be able to access the codes. Learning remotes also cannot pick up rolling codes that keep changing for security reasons.

Universal Remotes

Universal garage door remotes can operate more than one brand of door controller because you can program them with multiple codes. They may come pre-set for particular brands and models of transmitters, so do check they match the code of your devices before purchasing a universal remote. Learning garage door remotes are universal remotes because they can operate more than one piece of equipment. Cloning remotes are also in the 'universal' category for the same reason.

Cloning Remotes

Say you have garage door remotes, plus gate controllers, car alarms, and even more remotes. Are you sick of having to manage several remotes? The answer is a cloning remote (remote control duplicator). Like learning remotes, cloning remotes can pick up the frequencies of other transmitters. They can usually store up to 4 different frequencies from 286 to 868 MHz. Each frequency has a separate button. Then you have one remote to control everything as you drive in or out!

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