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Marantz Audio Amplifiers

Get perfect sound with Marantz Audio Amplifiers

Marantz amplifiers are excellent choices for your Hi-Fi, home theatre, or other home audio needs. Like any high-end power amplifier or integrated amplifier, they form the heart of a sound system. Amplifiers link your AM/FM receiver, AV receiver, CD player, and digital inputs to your speakers or phono jack.

Many Marantz systems also include their unique HDAM, hyperdynamic amplifier module. This component is an extremely low noise single step amplifier which allows a high-speed response across all bands.

Marantz preamplifiers

Dedicated pre-amplifiers, such as the AV7703, convert relatively weak electric or electronic signals into one strong enough for further amplification or complex processing. This is particularly helpful for signals coming from analogue devices such as microphones or turntables.

Marantz integrated amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers, like the PM6006 and PM7005, combine the preamp and the power amplifier in a single unit. This allows you to route all of your audio signal sources to a single head unit, simplifying your home audio system dramatically, and doing away with potential problems caused by extra connections. A Marantz brand integrated amplifier is perfect for output to a high-end soundbar, such as one which incorporates Dolby Atmos technology.

Marantz stereo and two-channel amplifiers

A two-channel amplifier like the MM7025 is suited for relatively simple stereo speaker setups or dedicated music only Marantz Hi-Fi systems. Limiting the amplification to two channels allows more power to go to each speaker, but makes no provisions for home theatre systems with four or five speaker systems.

Marantz five-channel surround sound amplifiers

A five-channel amplifier like the MM7055 not only includes the main left and right channels, it also has a left-rear and right-rear channel, and a dedicated line to the subwoofer. This allows for full enjoyment of surround sound systems, and are referred for home-theatre setups.