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Marantz Audio CD Players & Recorders

Marantz Audio CD Players and Recorders

With so many audio CD players and recorders on the market, choosing a brand that you can trust with your audio needs is important. Marantz are passionate about music and have been making quality audio products for over 60 years. The Marantz range of products offers outstanding CD players and CD recorders in a standard "Range" and a "Premium Range" so you will be able to find one that fits your home audio needs and budget.

CD Players

Marantz CD players meet all the needs of serious music listeners and have a variety of excellent features. Products range from smaller compact one-disk players through to larger five disk carousel players. Newer models incorporate other modern features such as local USB storage, playback from home network and streaming services. The HD-CD1 is small but mighty and is able to play MP3s as well as CDs along with a sleek compact design that is perfect for any small space.

CD Recorders

Marantz CD recorders are able to record CDs in high quality audio. The Marantz CDR510 has a dual audio source so you are able to record and play CDs at the same time and a double speed recording option is there for you to use if you are in a hurry. You are also able to pay MP3s on this model along with using it as an audio recorder and you can connect a variety of different speakers and amplifiers.

Premium CD Players

Marantz Premium CD players like the SA-14S1 offer the best way to listen to your music. The SA-14S1 has expanded connectivity, low noise fluorescent display, rigid feet to minimise vibration and is iPhone/iPod compatible. You can also listen to your music through headphones.

Speakers and Subwoofers

It is all good and well having a great CD player, but you also need to make sure that you have a reliable speaker system that gives excellent sound. Marantz speakers and subwoofers can complement your home CD player with quality sound output so you will enjoy listening to music or the radio at any time of day.