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Marantz Speakers Subwoofers

A high-quality sound system can transform the way you experience music, television and film. Adding aftermarket Marantz speakers and a subwoofer helps layer and clarify different sounds and tones. Marantz is an international designer and manufacturer of high fidelity audio equipment and sounds systems. Over many years, Marantz has built a reputation for designing premium home entertainment systems. The key to the company’s success lies in their high-quality Marantz speakers and subwoofers.


Whether you’re setting up a 5.1 home entertainment system or connecting your computer to bookshelf speakers, the compact and stylish design of Marantz speakers and subwoofers will stand you in good stead. With a powered subwoofer and wireless speaker systems, your Marantz sound system will be unobtrusive and powerful. If you want to keep your room clean, powered wire cords can easily tuck into in-built cable holders. Moreover, with lacquered walnut or black paneled designs, your Marantz speaker system will be an eye-catching addition to any room.

Full and Sharp Sound

Marantz speakers and subwoofers use cutting edge audio technology to produce deep and expansive sound. Take advantage of Marantz’s Dynamic Balance speaker process to enjoy crisp natural sounds. With timbre matching loudspeakers, you can use Marantz speakers in multi-channel systems without worrying about blending or sound degradation. Enjoy deep bass in movies and distortion free music by using an internally dampened Polk Marantz subwoofer.


Marantz speakers and subwoofers utilise crossover cabling systems and easy-to-use connective options. This means that connecting your Marantz speakers to your laptop or Xbox is just as easy as setting up a home audio system. The high-performance crossover audio cables also ensure that audio performance does not degrade via bypass capacitance.

Smart System

You can control modern Marantz speakers and subwoofers wirelessly via a Marantz receiver remote. Relax on the couch and take advantage of smart audio controls to quickly and easily tune your speakers, increase subwoofer volume or tweak Marantz audio amplifier settings. Smart resonance free driver materials ensure that your speakers and subwoofers conserve power during low-audio periods.