Popular Marantz Products

The house is alive with the sound of music

Whether you prefer to spend your free time kicking back with your favourite jazz records on the turntable or spend your weekday evenings watching action films with your home theatre system, chances are youve heard of Marantz. Renowned for their high end audio products, Marantz audio kits are a must for any music lover.

Get down with the dad dancing

Whether youre looking for a Marantz record player or turntable for your vintage vinyl or an audio cassette tape just like dad used to have, on eBay youll be sure to find what you are looking for. Vintage pre owned stereo systems are becoming popular collectors items, and you can pick up a hi fi system, CD player or stereo on eBay. Just leave the dad dancing to your folks.

Hi-tech home theatre

For those who prefer their audio equipment a little more up to date, youll find stereo amplifiers like the MM7025 which is perfect for your music and movies at home. Or treat yourself to a home cinema experience in the comfort of your own living room with the SR5011 channel network AV receiver. This home theatre kit has Dolby Atmos for 3D surround sound thats just like being at the movies and with built in Wi Fi and bluetooth you gain full wireless connectivity. Buying a home theatre system is a big deal and a tough choice but with Marantz being renowned for a quality and reliability with sound quality to shout about the choice is simple.

Affordable accessories

Maybe youre looking for audio amplifiers, speakers or a subwoofer for your existing Marantz system but dont know where to start. With a huge range of accessories to choose from youll be sure to end up with the hottest sound system in town.