Marble Coffee Tables

Marble Coffee Tables

No home should be complete without a coffee table to adore, and the perfect choice of material for this essential piece of furniture is marble. The marble coffee table has become an iconic style piece in its own right, and there are so many options available to suit your home’s décor. Marble coffee tables can be either genuine marble or made from a faux marbleising look so there’s something for every budget, and they come in round, rectangular and obscure shapes for every space.

Imitation and Genuine Marble Styles

Marble coffee tables look exceptionally chic regardless of whether they’re imitation or genuine marble. For a more budget-friendly approach, there are many options for faux marble coffee tables available, but for the real deal, you can get genuine marble coffee table top in white, gray and blue-gray finishes.

All Shapes and Sizes of Table

No two coffee tables are the same, and the range of marble coffee tables proves this with various sizes and shapes to suit every space. The two most popular shapes of coffee tables are round and rectangular; however, there are other abstract shapes available. These coffee tables can be small enough to just fit one cup of coffee or large enough for books and other accessories to adorn, depending on the space you’re working with.

Unique Bases to Complete the Look

A marble coffee table usually consists of a marble top with various other materials and designs for its base. Some of the most common pairings with marble in these coffee table designs include timber, glass and stone, each giving their own unique complement to the polished marble effect.

A Versatile Coffee Table For Every Room

Although the coffee table traditionally finds its home in the lounge room, there’s no limit to where you might place a marble coffee table. These pieces make a great central point for any room of the house whether you’re using it in the entryway or as a side table for your bedroom. Marble has a sleek and polished look that makes it versatile enough to work with all kinds of décor in any room you want.