Marble Dining Tables

Marble Dining Tables

Nothing says class like an authentic marble dining table. This classic style will be sure to add some elegance and allure to your home. With a range of styles for the table and colours for the marble, it’s easier than you might think to find something that works with the rest of the interior.

Shapes and Sizes

One big difference is whether the tabletop itself is circular or rectangular. Round marble tables can create a sense of intimacy at dinner, but a rectangular marble table can seat more people comfortably. With that decision out of the way, you can start to narrow down your possible options for style.

Style and Substance

There are many ways to choose a marble table. You can go for a simple metal body with square tabletop, wood with a marble inset, or something a bit art nouveau with twisting curves. Marble tables have been made for hundreds of years, so with a bit of patience you can find one in almost any style, from European to Asian.

All the Colours of the Rainbow

Traditionally, marble tables are made out of light-coloured stone, such as white or grey marble. It’s an attractive colour that highlights the patterns and textures that naturally occur in marble and it’s also one of the more plentiful colours. Sometimes the white will be shot through with brown and yellow veins to warm the table up a bit. More rarely, a marble table might be made out of completely brown or black marble. All of these can look fantastic, it’s just a matter of matching your style to the table.

Scratch That

Of course, the biggest advantage marble has over wood tables is that it doesn’t scratch, score or discolour nearly as easily as wood does. It doesn’t need as much care or maintenance as a result, which can be a great load off.