Marble Side Tables

Marble Side Tables

With so many furniture offerings available, it may be difficult to choose exactly what is your favourite. An interesting and eclectic idea is to add marble side tables to your living room ensemble or to another room in the home. A perfect balance between vintage and modern looks, marble tables blend effortlessly in with other furniture, tapestries and rugs for an overall polished look. There are several types of marble tables to consider as you outfit your space.

End Tables

Another way to describe an end table is to refer to it as a living room side table. You'll find this type of table at the end of a sofa or loveseat, or in between two pieces of matching furniture, such as a sofa and recliner. This type of marble side table allows you to relax while sitting, but have a place to stow drinks, remote controls and other needed accessories you need close at hand. These types of tables also work well for reading, and do well with an ornate table lamp on their countertop.

Console and Entryway Tables

Console and entryway side tables are slightly larger. The name console table can be synonymous with coffee table; it all depends on how you use the table. If you are able to find a matching marble set, a marble console table combined with a marble side table gives an opulent, impressive look. Marble entryway tables also work well in your entryway or foyer, with objects d'art or table lamps to light the way.

Decor and Styles

With marble, you might often assume that the style is a bit ornate or Victorian, but this doesn't always have to be the case. Look for mid-century and modern designs with curved lines and solid marble tops, or more contemporary, boxy designs with marble tops as well. Solid marble tables offer an overall vintage and retro look and feel, while mixed material tables easily fit in with any style.

Material Options

It is sometimes difficult to find a solid marble table_x001A__x001A_most of the tables you'll come in contact with have a marble top with a base of a different construction. The most popular types you'll find are wood and metal, which can be stained or coloured to match other furniture. You may also find smaller marble tables with a wicker base, which work well as corner tables or small side tables for the living area.