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Add an amazing accessory with Marc Jacobs crossbody bags for women

If you want to hit the mark when it comes to women's bags and handbags, your best option might be to go with Marc. Marc Jacobs bags and handbags for women have become beloved around the world, and one look makes it easy to see why. The go-to accessory for hundreds of thousands of women over the years, Marc Jacobs handbags for women have the power to accentuate the best parts of your outfit or make a fashion statement all their own.

Whether you're heading out for a red-carpet event or just running around town taking care of business, Marc Jacobs crossbody bags can accompany you on parts of your day both formal and casual. eBay is home to hundreds of Marc Jacobs crossbody handbags for women, giving you a chance to add something equal parts fresh, fun, and fancy to your repertoire with just a few clicks or taps.

What size Marc Jacobs handbag should I buy?

While all Marc Jacobs crossbody bags look great, picking the right size for you comes down to a few different factors. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to decide which Marc Jacobs handbag for women to buy.

  • Where are you going? Different occasions call for different bags. If you're heading to a formal event and want something that's a bit better fit for the occasion, a smaller bag is probably the way to go. This also makes sense if all you're carrying are the essentials like your phone, wallet and other personal items. For a day out in the city, you might want a larger, more casual bag to carry a few extra items. And if you're going to be gone all day and night, or perhaps if you're travelling and will be away from your room for hours at a time, you'll want a larger handbag that can maybe carry your water bottle, a cardigan or jumper and all your other odds and ends.
  • What size are you? Some women like to pick their bag size based on the size of their body. If you're bigger, carrying a smaller bag can make your body appear even larger in comparison. Similarly, if you're smaller and carry a larger bag, it can give the illusion of an even smaller body. While the choice is of course up to you, consider choosing a bag that suits your body type and you'll feel comfortable with alongside you.
  • What are you carrying? This goes hand in hand with that first consideration about where you're going. If you're going out for a longer period of time – long enough for the temperature to potentially drop – and you're going to need to do a bit of a wardrobe change, a bigger bag is the way to go.

What are the benefits of a crossbody handbag?

Marc Jacobs crossbody bags come with heaps of benefits, with one of the most obvious being that they can look great with a huge range of outfits. But there are plenty of other pluses to carrying a crossbody handbag as well, including:

  • Easy access. Crossbody bags sit in a way that makes it easy for you to unzip or unbuckle them and get inside to what you need. Say goodbye to fumbling around, awkward body contortions or worrying about your strap falling off your shoulder.
  • They're out of the way. With less effort put on carrying your bag, you can keep your hands free for everything from pushing the pram to eating or drinking to giving your mates a big hug upon arrival.
  • Better weight distribution. Crossbody handbags help distribute the weight in your bag easier, making for a more comfortable experience no matter what you're carrying.

A great collection of Marc Jacobs handbags for women

Ready to add a great piece from one of the biggest names in fashion? eBay can help you with an enormous range of Marc Jacobs crossbody bags. You'll find a rainbow of colours, from solid reds, blues, and pinks to classy, foundational favourites in brown, black and cream. And if the bag itself doesn't do the trick, you can pick a great new strap to go with it that can bring even more style. Choose from sizes ranging from mini all the way up to large and a range of pocket options for an accessory that suits your style and lifestyle.

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