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In 1951, Armi Ratia combined fashion and her love of eye catching interior decoration to create Marimekko. Since then, this groundbreaking Finnish clothing line has helped millions of women around the world make bright, loud and fun statements through their wardrobe. Characterised by a commitment to happiness and the authentic flavours of life, Marimekko continues to create joyous pieces that women of various ages, shapes, and sizes can wear with a smile on their face. Combine that with a promise to make a minimal impact on the environment and you have a brand focused on the internal and external natural beauty of life. 

Match your outfit to the beautiful, airy Australian summer, or bring some brightness to those chilly winter months when the sun goes down too early for your liking. Whatever the reason or the season, Marimekko has the goods to illuminate a look, room, or occasion. Browse the selection of striking prints today and add a new twist to your look.