Marine Audio Visual

How Do I Find the Right Marine Audio and Video Components?

One of the best spring and summer experiences is being out on your boat. Whether you use your boat for fishing or other occupational work, or you simply take it out to enjoy the waves and sunshine and having the right audio and video components and marine audio systems is imperative. Long hours on the sea make you yearn for your favourite tunes and a solid marine stereo with other components can help you enjoy your craft that much more. There are several different types of marine speakers and waterproof radio components available for your enjoyment.

What Kind of Stereo Systems Are Available?

Like shopping for everything else, the marine stereo systems that are available should mimic what your listening needs are. The choices vary widely, from simple and sturdy, to systems that would please the pure audiophile.

  • Simple and basic: Similarly to a car stereo, if you need just a simple stereo system for short trips, look for a system that includes a basic marine receiver and speakers.
  • Integrating needs: Since you are out on a boat, there are several audio and video systems that combine technologies, such as fish finders and marine GPS, along with Bluetooth marine speakers and receivers. If youre an avid fisherman who spends long hours on the water, these integrated systems are a great choice.
  • Party boats: If you plan to be entertaining on your boat, you may want to bump your stereo system up a notch. Your system may include components like subwoofers and amps, as well as a receiver and speakers.
  • For large watercrafts: If you have a particularly large boat and want a top-of-the-line system, you may want to add a complete networking system, which allows you to control the stereo and its volume/preferences from anywhere on the boat. Match this with tower speakers, subs and amps for surround sound and perfect audio.

What Speaker Choices Are There?

Your speaker choice (and size) will typically match the type of system youve decided upon. For example:

  • Basic 2-way outdoor marine speakers are ideal for basic systems.
  • LED speakers pulse and light up with the beat of the music; a larger set provides more sound.
  • Tower marine speakers are ideal for large get-togethers and for big, sonorous audio.

What Visual Marine Components Do I Need?

When it comes to visual components, you perhaps want to add on accessories that will help you catch fish, or navigate the waves.

  • A marine GPS system with screen is perfect for small or day trips. Dont depend on your phone or a car GPS to navigate the waters: you need a dedicated system.
  • A fish finder with Bluetooth allows you to seamlessly integrate it with your stereo while you also plan fishing expeditions.
  • Add a DVD player and/or flat-screen TV player for long trips or for entertaining.