Marine Paint

Refresh your boat with marine paint

There’s more to painting your boat than just making it look fabulous. Did you know that boat paint acts as a protective barrier against the water you explore? Generally speaking, you should paint your boat once a year to keep it in good shape against whatever you ride through. Some bottom boat paints can last up to two years, especially if you don’t keep your boat in the water or use it regularly. 

Tips to perfect your boat paint job

  1. Use high-quality equipment and paint to achieve the best job possible. 
  2. Clean your boat very thoroughly with a high-pressure hose, rags, and scrappers (if need be). But never let the soap soak on for long, always rinse it off as soon as you can.
  3. Remove all the hardware that you can to ensure a smooth finish. Can’t remove some decals? That’s alright, cover it with painter’s tape.  
  4. After cleaning, if your boat still feels waxy, you’ll have to use a solvent to remove the wax in order for the new paint to stick. 
  5. See any racks, nicks or any corrosion? Fill them with some marine-grade epoxy. 
  6. Grab some 80-grit sandpaper and sand down the boat to make sure all old paint is removed perfectly. Rough fibreglass surface with 40-grit sandpaper, and if you used epoxy, opt for an intense 36-grit in those areas.
  7. Start painting with a primer and make sure you use one that’s compatible with the boat paint you’ve selected. After your primer coat is done, rough it with 300-grit sandpaper.
  8. Don’t wait too long before you apply marine paint—it’s best practice to start within 2 hours of your primer application. Follow the mixing and application instructions provided with the boat paint you’ve selected. 
  9. Wait as long as the instructions tell you to before you go in with your second application. 
  10. Remember to protect the drying marine paint and primer from any bugs, dirt, or debris in order to ensure a great paint job was done. 

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