Marine Radio

Marine Radio

Used for communication when you're out on the water as well as entertainment, marine radios ensure your safety and security when you're cruising in your boat. When it comes to boat electronics, these are some of the most important boat accessories you'll need. In case you have an accident or get into trouble, you can easily call for help with a radio, and the two-way radios work similar to the way a CB radio works, such as a trucker's radio. Meant for durability, boating radios keep communication at your fingertips and provide many features.


As with most other electronics, there are several types of radios to select from. A mountable radio sits in one spot and you can install it into your command centre just like a car stereo. Other options include compact, space-saving radios as well as portable handheld models that give you flexibility and freedom. Working in conjunction with other boat electronics such as depth finders, marine radios not only enhance your boating experience but give you the peace of mind you need when you're out in deep waters on all-day fishing or sailing excursions.


Obviously one of the most common features of marine radios is water-resistance. Today's tech provides radios with even more features, including Bluetooth capability, which allows you to stream content from your tablet or mobile phone. Some radios do double duty and offer a built-in DVD player as well as a CD player for a multimedia experience. A digital interface with a built-in backlight makes it easy to see in the dark, and a radio that's also a weatherband keeps you apprised of changing conditions as they happen. For security, opt for a marine radio with a detachable face, and if you're interested in installing speakers and a receiver, pick a bundle that includes all the items you need.


You'll no doubt recognise some marine radio brands, and if you're loyal to a specific company or a brand that fits your budget, select the right model from your favourite electronics creator, such as GME, Garmin or Lowrance. Many of these brands specialise in marine equipment, including GPS as well as fishfinders. Tech brands like Uniden also make high-quality marine radios and equipment, and you may come across some models from Axis. Choosing the right radio isn't just about brand loyalty, but it's also about the price point as well as the amount of space you have available and your budget restrictions.


Installing a marine radio isn't just about the equipment itself. You may want to invest in some accessories that make using your radio even easier, such as an antenna for perfect reception, a mount for your radio and a separate speaker system that boosts your radio's sound, especially if you're an audiophile. If your radio has a USB port, you may want to pick up compatible cables so you can connect peripheral devices to your radio. Mounting equipment is necessary for radio installation.