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  • MarkBass 2x10 Bass Cabinet 4ohm 1000watt

    I'm selling my speaker cab. MarkBass quality, big sound but light to carry. Sad to see it go but not playing out much anymore. Still in like new condition. I bought it new in 2015 and have used it for about a dozen live shows. Handles 1000watts at 4ohm. The 2 10s give a good mix of punch and low end. Has a versatile range as I played all types of music from funk to metal.  A one of a kind speaker cab. If interested please contact me. 
    AU $999.00
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  • Markbass Micromark 801 60W 1x8 Bass Combo Amp

    The Markbass Micromark 801 features a single yellow 8" Markbass neodymium speaker. The original (6") Micromark has been astounding people since its first introduction a few years ago. But this new version is even more sonically impressive!
    AU $750.00
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  • New listingMarkbass Classic 300 bass amp head

    This is an all-tube (6 KT88 power amp; two ECC83 pre-amp & two EC99) amp head that will put out 300 watts at 4 or 2 ohms and 175 watts at 8 ohms. Up for sale is my Markbass Classic 300. Other than, it's perfectly functional and is an incredible sounding amp!
    AU $800.00
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  • Markbass CMD K1 1000w Bass Super Combo

    The newALAIN CARON signatureCMD SUPER COMBO K1 has been developed respecting Alain's high standards. MID LOW. OUTPUT POWER 600W RMS@8 ohm / 1000W RMS@4 ohm. POWER AMP. 99dB SPL. 1.5 KHz / 5.5 KHz. CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES.
    AU $3,450.00
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  • DV Mark DV Neoclassic 112 Guitar Extension Speaker 1x12" Cabinet RRP$699

    The DV Neoclassic 112 1x12" is smallest and lightest guitar cabinet in DV Mark's lineup. It is a very portable cab, with glorious classic tone, punch and volume in a small unit. With 150W of power handling, this open-back cab is a perfect choice for any genre of music, from jazz to rock and everything in between, and for guitarists who need a small, portable cab (or two for a stereo rig).
    AU $559.00
    Free postage
  • DV Mark DV Jazz 12 Amp 60W Guitar Amplifier 1x12" Combo RRP$1099

    Jazz guitarists are well aware that creating a great jazz tone requires not only the right guitar but also the right amplifier, and the DV Jazz 12 has been designed with jazz in mind. For those who prefer a 12" combo, still very light and easy to transport, the DV Jazz 12 is the perfect choice.
    AU $879.00
    Free postage
  • DV Mark DVC Guitar Friend 12 Combo Amp 50W 1x12" Guitar Amplifier RRP$1499

    The DV Mark DVC Guitar Friend 12 is a powerhouse 12-in. combo that will soon become a loyal friend to you and your guitar. It features two channels (clean/lead) with very easy-to-use controls, reverb, aux in jack (for CD or MP3 player) and a 1/8 in.
    AU $1,199.00
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  • Markbass Blackline Standard 151HR 200W 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet

    SPEAKER SIZE: 1x15 in. BASS PORT: rear. POWER HANDLING: 300W RMS (AES Standard). TWEETER: 1" compression driver with custom horn. WEIGHT: 55.12 lbs / 25 kg. CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz.
    AU $674.96
    AU $0.01 postage
  • Mark Bass Micromark 801 45W 1x8" Bass Amp Combo RRP$1050

    Mark Bass Micromark 801 Bass Amp Combo. The Markbass Micromark 801 features a single yellow 8" Markbass neodymium speaker. The original (6") Micromark has been astounding people since its first introduction a few years ago.
    AU $839.00
    Free postage
  • Mark Bass Mini CMD 151P 500W 1x15 Bass Combo Amp Amplifier

    The Little Mark II. Despite being a Mini model, the CMD 151P amp gives you maximum power and sound. The Little Mark II has a 4-band EQ, as well as two exclusive Markbass' filters for rounding out your tone to perfection.
    AU $1,800.00
    Free postage
  • Markbass Markacoustic AC601 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

    AMP OUTPUT POWER. ONBOARD DIGITAL EFFECTS. solid state. 11.2 in. / 28.5 cm. 12.3 in. / 31.3 cm. 13 in.
    AU $1,194.96
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    AU $8.00 postage
  • Mark Bass CMD102P 500W LMIII Amp + 2x10" Speakers Bass Amp Combo RRP$2595

    This versatile bass combo has an angled cabinet so that you can use it as a floor model or in the more traditional vertical position. Either way, you're going to get a warm, natural sound from the 2 B&C 10" speakers and the piezo tweeter.
    AU $2,079.00
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  • Mark Bass CMD121P 500W 1x12" Bass Amp Combo RRP$2050

    The Markbass Mini CMD 121P is a bass combo amplifier that gives you fat sound with electric or acoustic basses. That makes the Mini CMD 121P amp perfect for rehearsal studios or small club applications.
    AU $1,639.00
    Free postage
  • Mark Bass STD 151HR Standard 1x15" 4ohm Speaker Cabinet RRP$1650

    BRAND NEW - Authorised Mark Bass Dealer - Warranty
    AU $1,329.00
    Free postage
  • Markbass New York 151 Black 1x15" Bass Cabinet

    Its sound is clear and defined with great bottom ends. It can be used alone or along with either the Little Mark 250 Black Line Head, the CMD 151 JB Players School or the Mini CMD 151 P combo to create the perfect rig for small/medium/large size gigs.
    AU $850.00
    Free postage
  • Markbass CMD JB Players School 200W 1x15 Bass Combo Amp

    Jeff says, “The CMD JB Players School combo combines Markbass’ usual great tone with a high quality amp cabinet that is affordable. I am only insterested in an amp if it has good tone built into it.
    AU $976.56
    AU $0.01 postage
  • DV Mark Little 40 112 Amp 40W 2-Channel Guitar Amplifier 1x12" Combo RRP$2299

    This amp features the next generation of digital reverb that's sweet-sounding, warm and natural.FEATURES. DV Mark Little 40 II. Guitar Amplifier Combo. Tubes: one ECC83 (preamp); one ECC83, two EL34 (power amp).
    AU $1,839.00
    Free postage
  • Mark Bass TTE 501 Randy Jackson Signature Tube Bass Amp Head RRP$1795

    Mark Bass TTE 501 Randy JAckson Signature Bass Amp Head. POWER AMP: TTE (Tube Technology Emulator). Power Amp. ABOUT TH IS AMP. PREAMP: Tube. POWER: 500W RMS @ 4 ohms / 300W RMS @ 8 ohms. ID will be required before goods are dispatched.
    AU $1,439.00
    Free postage
  • Markbass New York RJ 400w 1x15" Bass Cabinet

    The sound is deep and warm but has greater clarity and definition than other 15” woofer--and the cabinet features a cool, unique look, with ultra-durable custom tolex covering. Randy Jackson is world famous as a TV celebrity—he's been one of the judges on America's most-watched TV series, American Idol, since the beginning of the show in 2002.
    AU $1,695.00
    Free postage
  • Mark bass Little Mark III Anniversary 500 W LTD ED Bass Amp Head BRAND NEW

    To celebrate their first 15 years of success, Mark Bass released a limited edition series of our heads (available for a short time). "In the last 15 years, Markbass has brought bass amplification into the future.
    AU $1,157.00
    Free postage
  • Markbass Nano Mark 300w Bass Head *BRAND NEW*

    Markbass products are known for theirclarity and loyalty to the source of sound. People often use words like warm, punchy, clear, honest, accurate- even aggressive to describe Markbass. They also say that Markbass amps allow them to sound like themselves!
    AU $759.00
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  • MarkBass Standard 102HF 2x10 400w 8 Ohm Bass Cabinet *Brand New*

    The Standard 102HF cabinet is recommended for bass players who need a smaller pro-sounding rig, or for those who like to combine cabinets! For example by adding a 102HF to a Standard 151HF. Using two 102HF cabs together works beautifully with a stereo power amp.
    AU $1,147.00
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  • Mark Bass LM III Little Mark 3 LMIII Bass Amp Head RRP$1395

    All this capability comes in the same compact size and weight as its Markbass predecessor. Little Mark III Bass Amp Head. Mark Bass LM III. Ground Lift switch on rear panel. VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter): Center frequency 380Hz (cut).
    AU $1,119.00
    Free postage
  • Markbass CMD JB Players School 200W 1x15 Bass Combo

    The Players School of Music introduced a bold new concept in music education, to teach music only, and to detour players away from practicing with ineffective learning methods such as using metronomes.
    AU $955.76
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  • Markbass New York 122 Ninja 2x12" Bass Cabinet

    With high output, punchy low-end and incredible definition in the highs and mids, this cab is a great choice for lovers of a full, flat-response tone! BASS PORTS. 28.35 in. / 72 cm. 40.79 lbs / 18,5 Kg.
    AU $1,750.00
    Free postage

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