Marshall Guitar Amplifiers


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The classic sound of a Marshall amplifier

A Marshall guitar amp is known for being one of the biggest and best investments that a guitarist can make. Marshall guitar amp and cab sets are ideal for those who want to get that classic sound and a Marshall combo amp gives you access to a huge range of settings.

This can give you the chance to play melancholy riffs, face-melting solos or even jazz and blues. A Marshall guitar amp is very similar to a Fender guitar amplifier in terms of the features that they have to offer.

Tube Amps

A very popular Marshall guitar amp is the tube amp. It can give you a very organic tone, much like a Roland amplifier. Vox and MG are also other brands and they are ideal for achieving a different tone or sound.

Tube amplifiers are much louder when compared to combo amps and this is usually because the system is more powerful. They have a very pure and organic feel and you can't really achieve this with a solid state amp. A guitar amplifier by Marshall is usually categorised by the series and the total watt of the speaker, and the choice you make will depend on the sound you want and the type of music you want to play.

Digital Amps

Marshall amps and Vox series amplifiers use digital processors to try and simulate the sound of older tube technology. They can be programmed and they often come with a huge range of digital effects. This can include delay, chorus and even analogue outputs as well.

Marshall digital amps can be connected up to an interface and then plugged into a PC or laptop, meaning that they can be used to record without having to worry about setting up a microphone. Most digital amps come with this as an option, however additional recording equipment may be required.