Make some noise with Marshall amps

Marshall Amplification is a British born company that is widely recognised around the world for its performance-focused music amplifiers, which will allow you to enjoy outstanding sound quality, legendary warmth and tone, and superb build quality.

From acoustic guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, combo amplifiers, and electric guitar amplifiers, through to a fantastic range of parts, accessories and speaker cabinets, youll find a great choice of Marshall amps. Their world-renowned acoustic series boasts a number of different models.

Acoustic guitar amplifier

With Marshalls collection of acoustic guitar amplifiers, you will find a huge selection of top-level Marshall guitar amplifiers that will allow you to enjoy a unique sound quality, wherever your musical talents take you.

Perfect for use with all acoustic guitars, the vast majority of amplifiers in this range are also perfectly equipped to accommodate microphones. Of course, the right model for you will depend on your individual requirements.

Bass amplifier

The range of Marshall bass amps not only provides a huge choice of bass amplifiers that embrace the very latest technology, but you will also let you discover a fantastic range of nostalgic vintage versions that are still in a great condition.

From the Marshall bass amp combo 15W through to the Marshall 1984 4x12 B cab (bass version) with Celestion g12M speakers, you will be able to explore and discover some of Marshalls best-loved models.

Types of guitar amplifier

Marshall amps have produced various types over the decades, from huge professional cabinet amps for full-scale gigs to studio amps with a range of settings and features that let you change the sound of your guitar over and over again. There are also practice amps for use at home. These will typically sit at lower wattages, so will not get as loud as others. Many will feature inputs for the connection of pedals and other accessories.