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Martin Acoustic Guitars

Martin Acoustic Guitars

C.F. Martin & Co are world-renowned for their high quality steel-string acoustic guitars. Established in 1833, Martin acoustic guitars helped shape the guitar as we know it today through multiple innovations and consistent quality. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of flat top acoustic guitars, and many popular artists, such as Neil Young, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan, have used Martin acoustic guitars.


There are a large range of Martin acoustic guitars available to suit each individual guitar player’s needs. For instance, Martin produces a backpacker model designed to be small and easily carried around. On the other end of the spectrum are the famous, larger Dreadnought models, which have a louder, more resonant sound and would be suited for recording or live performance. There are also Custom Shop Martin acoustic guitars, which are made to customised specifications.

Wood Types

The type of wood used in the construction has an impact on the sound, weight and feel of the acoustic guitar in question and therefore can largely influence the overall character of the instrument. Martin mahogany acoustic guitars are known for being resonant, durable, affordable and with a strong midrange, whereas Martin rosewood acoustic guitars are known for building on the sonics of mahogany whilst having a deeper low-end and a brighter top-end.

Maintenance and Care

Humidity is a factor that affects acoustic guitars more prominently than electric guitars. Acoustic guitars are best maintained at a relative humidity of 44 to 55 percent. Either too much or too little humidity for long leads to warping and cracking; therefore, you should put your guitar away in a case after each use. This also prevents any fall damage. You can adjust the action of the guitar with the truss rod or alter the frets to aid playability; however, this type of maintenance can be complicated and a professional may be required.


C.F. Martin & Co also produce a range of accessories for their acoustic guitars. The company is also known for producing high quality guitar strings in a range of different gauges. They also make guitar picks, guitar polish and cleaner, care kits and more to help maintain and enhance your Martin acoustic guitar.

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