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Unisex Mascot Costumes

If you are looking for your next fancy dress costume or a costume for a team, school or even shop, consider a unisex mascot costume. Though dependant on the materials used and maintenance, they tend to be sturdy and longer lasting. Based on your needs, you can buy one representing a brand or character. Or you could decide on a fruit or animal. There are many different unisex costumes to consider.


Mascot costumes are available as suits, dresses or whole outfits. Mascot unisex suit costumes sometimes come with a head, but more often do not. If you find a suit style without a head, that means you may need to think about putting on makeup or a mask to complete the full look. A banana suit may not need makeup or a mask, but if you are wanting to dress like Donald Duck, it may be difficult to carry it off without one or the other.


While the fabric may not dictate the one you choose, it definitely affects comfort. One option is the usual polyester costumes. They tend to be less expensive; however, polyester doesn't breathe well and will be warm to wear. Velvet unisex mascot costumes are another option. The cost is higher, but they are generally more durable and luxurious.


You might be on the lookout for a specific character for your mascot costume. If you fancy a Disney character, there's always Mickey or Minnie Mouse. Or if you love video games, maybe Mario or Luigi from Nintendo would be better. Otherwise, you have the choice of Harry Potter unisex costumes if you're a fan of Hogwarts. Keep in mind, mascot costumes are not always licensed from the company that owns the brand. So you may find a Big Bird or Cookie Monster-like costume, but they may not be called by those names.


Some mascot costumes come with a head. When selecting a costume with one, keep in mind basic safety and comfort. If you will be wearing the costume on the street, make sure you can properly see out of it. Also, you should be able to breathe comfortably. As wearing a head can make you very hot, consider cooling vests or other ways to stay cool whilst wearing the costume.

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