The famous British design icon that outperforms all others - Mason Pearson hairbrushes are available now on eBay 

For over 130 years Mason Pearson hairbrushes have been a staple of the British men and women's haircare toolbox. To this day, the basic product has remained the same as the 1920s versions and retained the famous model names - the Large Extra, Small Extra, Popular, and Junior. The famous orange pad that sits behind the bristles is now well-known the world over for quality and style, with a range of options no matter what sort of hairstyle or length you keep. 

The orange pad found on Mason Pearson hairbrushes fills with air giving the hairbrush a luxurious and comfortable soft cushion. The high-quality boar bristles create longevity of use and amazing results and the handles, now plastic but based on the original wooden versions, are smooth and ergonomic. Enjoy superb quality craftsmanship as well as beautifully combed hair. 

No man should leave the house without a Mason Pearson Pocket Comb to ensure he always looks his best. These high-quality combs provide strength meaning even the deepest mop will be no match for their solid teeth. Made from a single piece of material, the polished tortoise shell surface of a Mason Pearson comb feels classic and ergonomic, and a must-have in the top pocket. 

Mason Pearson Combs and hairbrushes are built for comfort, as the plastic handles are hand-finished to remove any sharp edges creating a brush that is more comfortable to hold. Add a Mason Pearson to your hairstyle routine at the very best prices from eBay today.