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Got one to sell?

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The fascinating and secretive world of Masonic collectibles

Masonic Lodges have been part of history since the dawn of the written word and the time-honoured traditions and principals are still honoured today. The Freemason Lodges and Masonic Orders around the world are very often the silent but strong backbone in many local communities. Seemingly shrouded in secrecy, members undergo levels of service through apprentice to novice until they achieve a master status.

At each level comes certain ceremonial attire, aprons, and gloves. The hidden meanings within the Masonic pins and watches are also bestowed through the affiliation, which is typically lifelong. Wherever your interest lies, whether it be toward the vast array of ceremonial apparel, Masonic antiques, or Masonic jewellery, you will discover a trove of cultural and religious collectibles to your desires on eBay.

Masonic Ceremonial Regalia

The pride taken by every Freemason in their dress regalia is clear and you can find every item for each level of service needed starting with a superior Masonic craft entered apprentice apron. At a higher master level, the skin craft grand rank full regalia in blue and gold comes with a swivel clip on the collar to attach jewels, would be an ideal purchase as it also contains medal and gloves. You will find everyday ties with subtle Masonic embroidery in this same category, perfect for a business suit.

Masonic pins and watches

Masonic lapel pins are both eye-catching and meaningful to the wearer and other members. Some of these collectible pins are enamelled such as the “Forget Me Not” silver pin and is one of the most widely worn pins amongst the Masonic fraternity. The 18 k gold square compass pin that represents body and soul is a lovely example of Masonic Jewels.

Jean Pierre of Switzerland have a Masonic wrist watch for everyday use, but for dressed up and formal events the Half Hunter G130 CQ pocket watch features a quartz calendar movement with a gold-plated case and would be a stunning addition to any ceremonial attire.

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