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Keep your lawn pristine with Masport

A Masport lawnmower offers the kind of innovation you could only ever dream of in the past. You never need to worry about those pesky grass cuttings again. You’ll find that there’s a wide selection of these mowers that cater for very different lawn types. Masport started life as a family-owned company in 1910 in Auckland, New Zealand. By the 1930’s they were making their first hand-mower. Their reputation for engineering excellence grew and they manufactured munitions for the Australian army in World War 2. Today they represent high quality, reliable outdoor equipment for Australia and for the 40 countries that they export to worldwide.

Extensive range

Believe it or not, every lawn is different. That’s why Masport has a range of garden equipment to tackle every unsightly corner and even the heaviest of lawns. The Masport range features innovative and highly tuned performance mowers, at every style and budget and performing a variety of tasks.


You’ll find a range of lawnmowers available with Masport, from hand-held to ride-on. The Masport 200 ST mower, 125 cc series, 450E engine, 16.5 inch, will cut, mulch and catch. Mulching is great for recycling your grass and feeding it back into your lawn. If you need to take the pressure off your back you can go for the 350ST self-propelled mower, with a ground speed of 4.37 km per hour, it does the hard work so you don’t have to. You can fly through the task if that’s what you’d prefer.

Masport lawnmower special features

There are a number of features to choose from when buying a Masport mower. Some models have a hose that you attach while mowing that cleans the housing and increases the life of the chassis, also improving cutting efficiency. The ball bearing wheels of some models make the mower easier to push, like the Masport President 550ST Combo, Powered by Briggs & Stratton 125cc OHV Series with a 450E Primer engine. The increased airflow of its two blade disc system makes for superior catching, when not mulching.

You’ll also find mowers with the dual Mowzone blades that extend beyond the wheels on both sides so that you can cut in close to borders, walls and fences. Masport push mowers are great if you don’t want the hassle and hazard of trailing cables.

Managing your grass cuttings

Masport also has a selection of chutes to manage your grass cuttings efficiently. The Smartchute discharges the cuttings to the side; this process avoids depositing messy clumps of grass, leaving you with an even spread of grass cuttings as you mow. You can also purchase a chipper chute to clip branches up to 35mm in diameter; the chipper blade turns the branches into mulch, which will be great for your compost heap.

While best known for the garden equipment Masport also produces BBQ’s and outdoor lighting and heating ranges. They really are garden experts!

Whether you are looking for a brand new mower, or in need of any lawn mower accessories take a look at what Masport has to offer.