Have some fun with masquerade costume masks from eBay

A masquerade costume party (or masquerade ball) is an event in which participants wear a mask that either partially covers or completely covers their entire face.

Traditionally, masquerade masks help hide the participants' true identities.

The five main types of masquerade costume masks

There are five common types of masquerade costume masks. These include half-face masks, stick masks, full-face masks, head masks and eye masks.

A half face mask covers just part of the wearers face, similar to Phantom of the Opera style.Usually a ribbon or cord is tied around the head to secure the mask. As it doesn’t cover your mouth, eating and drinking is not an issue.

Stick masks are masks held onto the face by way of an attached stick. They don��t do a very good job of disguising the actual wearer but they can be incredibly beautiful and elaborate, often seen as part of a burlesque costume.

A full-face mask will, as the name suggests, hide the whole face. Full-face masks have eye holes, but only sometimes have mouth and nose holes. These can be some of the most elaborate masks out there.

Head masks are a type of masquerade costume mask that’s worn slipped over the head.They often look more modern.

Eyemask masquerade costumes cover the area around the eyes only and will feature eye holes to see through. You don’t need to remove them to eat or talk and they can be either simple, decorative or elaborate.