Massage Pillows and Bolsters

Everyone loves a good massage; however, going to the spa on a regular occasion can get expensive. Instead, you might consider the benefits of a massage pillow or bolster. These must-haves offer many of the same qualities that a spa does, in that they help to relieve stress and sooth your muscles. Massage pillows and bolsters are perfect for home use and come in assorted sizes and colours, making it easy to find the right pillow for your needs. While some pillows are designed to target your neck area, others offer full-back coverage.

What are the Benefits of a Massage Pillow?

Massage pillows and bolsters offer many benefits, including helping to alleviate and manage neck and shoulder pain, while providing a deep-kneading massage. Many are also compact in size, allowing for increased portability, which means that you can consider taking the massage bolster with you on your travels, whether in the car or on a plane. When they're not in use, many massage bolster pillows fit nicely into the confinements of your luggage. Furthermore, these massagers can be used to help induce sleep for those with insomnia or other related sleep problems.

What Features Do Massage Pillows and Bolsters Offer?

Massage pillows and bolsters vary in the features they offer, so when shopping for one, look for those that come with a car charger, especially if you intend to bring your pillow with you on the go. You should also look for massage pillows and bolsters that offer a heat setting. Heated massage pillows help to release tension around the shoulders, neck, and upper back and offer a calming sensation. Adjustable pressure is also a highly sought-after feature.

Which Shapes of Massage Pillows and Bolsters Can I Choose?

Bolster cushions come in various shapes and sizes, and the shape of the pillow you choose should reflect its basic purpose. You can choose between those that are round, half-round, and jumbo in size. Rectangular and triangular pillows are also common, as are U-shaped pillows, which come designed to easily wrap around the wearer's neck. Some companies even manufacture specialty massage cushions of varying angles and peaks, helping to target those hard-to-reach areas.